Mercedes Fix

German Designed. American Made.

Quality retrofit and remanufactured Mercedes parts. Manufactured here in the USA.


If your w123, w116, or r107 chassis Mercedes suffers from the poorly-designed “Automatic Climate Control II System,” we have exactly what you need.

We created an easy-to-install kit that uses medical-grade electronic solenoid valves to replace the automatic climate control servo and amplifier. In under an hour, you can install our kit to restore your climate control system to its original functionality, without the headache of another failure-prone servo from Mercedes. The kit even preserves the original cabin control panel, so you cannot tell it has been installed!

Our kit is less than half the cost of a replacement servo and amplifier or competitors’ upgrade kits.

After owning multiple 1980’s vintage Mercedes, I understand these were the best cars ever made, but all machines have an Achilles’ heel. Our mission is to use modern technology to make up for every inadequacy of these timeless automobiles.
— -Davis, Founder & CEO

Modern Technology to Fix Yesterday's Problems

In partnership with our German-based crew, we are using technology that was unavailable when these cars launched to correct the common failure points of these classic automobiles.

Our new parts will allow Mercedes owners to increase the reliability of poorly-designed systems, such as the automatic climate control components.

Designed in Germany. Made in the United States.

Nearly every "aftermarket" part on the market today was made as cheaply as possible in a Chinese factory. Our parts are different. Working with our team in Germany, we make sure all out parts stay true to the Mercedes specifications.

Every upgrade kit we sell was assembled here in the United States of America.